''In position!'' S.A.S Ambush


And my fucked up SDOF (Which, if it wouldn’t be fucked up, could make this screenshot better…

-Or Special Forces ambush, whatever :confused:

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  • Sorry, my SDOF fucked up :confused:

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someone should edit this… i dunno just felt like it could have been a bit better.
solid posing, good angle and nice scenebuild.

I like it :smiley:

UAZ will be fucked up

Each time I read “UAZ”, I think of Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: “U.A.Z, 12 o’clock! U.A.Z, is history.”

Well, it’s a bit weird they’re in the water. Otherwise it’s good.

How can the guy he’s stood behind not see the people stood behind the UAZ?

The one watching is kinda…sleeping :confused: He’ll be shot soon. I’ll try to fix this

awesomeness. how did you do that fog? tho?

There’s a particle called rain01, I think. It’s supposed to be raining but it’s more like a fog so…yeah. lol

Btw. that guy ‘‘watching’’ is really supposed to be sleeping, I checked it In-Game and his head is in a ‘‘sleeping position?’’

the flood… IT HUNGERS

This is really cool dude, but the jeep is underwater :3 plus, a minor thing, the grey part of the top screen doesn’t kind of fit very much with the bottom part which is more green-brown. I’d desaturate the lower part imo, but the posing and everything else is very cool :smiley:

I have to ask. What is dumb - / gay - about this picture? Thank you for ANY answers about this.

And, thanks Crazy Knife!

“Yo is that a dude creeping up behind Frank?”
“Should we like… warn him?”
“Nah, I wanna see what happens.”

Scene build is pretty sweet.

Well, it’s kinda foggy, the guy is kinda…uh cannot be seen at the moment and - THEY’RE DOING IT WRONG!!


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Also the uaz, there is no threat to it being in water that deep. It wont affect the uaz much, due to it being a 4x4. So the uaz is in no problem

good idea, environment and atmosphere. ok posing. but the models are just beyond awful it burns my eyes.

Everyone is blind in this picture.
Or is short sighted

For the UAZ, I think you can fix that by inverting the green channel of the normal map. Why anyone would release it in that condition is beyond me though. Nice use of fog, but I don’t like the water.

Hmm, what’s wrong with the CoD4 models?

WARNING! Shitty explanation ahead!

They’re not blind or anything. The guy, who’s about to get shot, is sleeping (You can’t see it much, but he is… if they’d be faceposable, I’d show you!). Then the other two guys are hiding BEHIND the UAZ, while the others are on the other side, so they can’t quite see 'em. And the guy, who’s about to shoot the sleeping guy, is pretty much hidden behind the guy who’s about to get shot.

they have fucked up proportions, and always have since the first game. why is beyond me, but they do. all of them.

plus they look fucking terrible in the source engine.


fully geared-up soldiers are not ghosts. while i can easily creep up on people with gp boots on, the moment i put on webbing let alone a full rig with a weapon, that goes right out the window. even moving a little will cause equipment to rub and therefore, noise. you can multiply that a lot the moment water becomes involved.

soldiers also smell. if they smell good, they don’t fit the environment. if they smell worse than the environment, they also don’t fit.

you’ve got water there. the slightest movement is going to stir up the surface. i’d be pretty suspicious if ripples started appearing from nowhere.

honestly? these pictures of ‘x military force about to ambush oblivious y force who are less than fifty yards away’ are little more than hollywood bullshit. sure, you might be able to jump out from around the corner and scare the shit out of your mother or something, but try doing so in about 40-80lbs of gear, with a weapon, and while standing in water. doesn’t work. now try it against soldiers who are trained to spot that kind of thing.

even the lowest-ranking, greenest infantryman is a keen observer. likelihood of this working in the real world? somewhere around zero.

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the scenebuild is really nice though, except for the fucked lighting inconsistencies. the chopper, the guys in front of it, and the trees behind it blend perfectly. the trucks and the foreground don’t, which is a shame.

Warning! Shitty explanation ahead! Again…

Uh…I didn’t make it! My brother did! I do not understand English.

  • Anyway, yeeeeeah most of my Gmod stuff got fucked up :confused:

  • And…Yeah thanks… I’m not such a ‘‘realistic guy’’ when it comes to Gmod, lol. Sorry.