In Regards to Dupes and Saves

I haven’t seen any mentions of these 2 features throughout the whole S&Box development and i was wondering, what will happen to dupes and saves? While it was a cool concept, i guess, and while there are quality posts somewhere around there, around 95% of them are just pure “filler” let’s say, that does nothing more that hide away actually worthwhile add-ons that took effort in the workshop search. In my opinion I wouldn’t mind them being removed, but if they were to be added, at the very least it would be heavily appreciated to have them hidden by default if the add-ons are not gonna be hosted in the Workshop (Since I’m not sure if it’s actually possible to hide categories on search in the Workshop as a default option for everyone). It’s rather annoying having to scroll a few pages of filler just to get to the actually interesting content, and while yes, one could just filter the search to only show up add-ons, i feel that it should be the default option. What do you people think about them?


Gmod’s workshop became a catastrophe loaded with millions of worthless and effortless dupes and saves, trying to find something there among all the “father Grigori fucking nude Alyx” bullshit is a nightmare.

I personally would prefer such systems coming in form of addons and using 3rd party servers for hosting dupes/saves/scenes/whatever, leaving the official workshop (be it Steam workshop or FP servers, whatever they consider) just for addons (modifications and assets).


I don’t see how a filter is such a problem for both of you. Does anybody ever search anything without previously selecting the category or filter of what they’re looking for in the first place?

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Most likely, even when selecting the “filter”, players can’t find the one… what should have been there. Many children have littered the workshop with trash, they even go there… where they shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, there is such a problem…

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This isn’t Garry’s Mod, don’t expect it to be a 1:1 recreation.


The concept of “dupes and saves” probably won’t be a thing in S&Box, in the context of content publication anyways. I’m hopeful that the included sandbox mode isn’t what the game is centered around anymore, but that it’ll just be another mode among several. I have a feeling the workshop (or whatever the content distribution system eventually is) will be populated with different types of content to what we know of from GMod’s past. I can’t imagine exactly what, but only that it won’t be the conventional types we are used to.


You can easily filter out dupes and saves when looking for the right workshop content. It still has a place on the official workshop in my opinion.

Admittedly, it is still tough to find quality stuff sometimes, so more filters and being able to save and load your own filters would be ideal for lazy people like myself who get frustrated having to enter the same stuff in each time. Some people don’t seem to bother.

If someone were looking for addons for their TTT/DarkRP server they still have to sort through a lot of crap because you can’t filter by gamemode, just keyword. Features like that would make a difference.

Additionally an easily accessible history of highlighted mods and even regularly curated mods would help the stuff I’d actually want to see, get seen. I could just take a quick peek to get the good stuff.

I don’t know what to make of this comment other than the obvious. And it doesn’t seem directed at anything in particular. Criticizing the old way would help pave the right way for the new.

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That’s a good way to put it, it doesn’t seem to answer anything.
Are dupes going to be removed? Because the only way to handle it is either:

  • Host all dupes and addons on the Steam Workshop, which will have the same problems as Gmod because you can’t do much to moderate the content
  • Host all dupes and addons on a Facepunch server, which will get expensive after a while but also lets you moderate it however you want

Garry’s comment just says that S&box won’t be Gmod, not very specific but I’m guessing it just means they won’t be handled the same way.
I wish I wasn’t banned on the Discord server because he seems to answer questions there.


I would prefer a way for addon creators to have arbitrary ‘workshops’ where people can search for things. Like an in game selector of different premade dupes and scenes rather than a heavily-integrated dupe tool like gmod. (Anyone actually building stuff used advdupe anyways)

This would also allow sharing creations for other tools, like clutter presets, or stuff like character wardrobes.

The steam workshop is horrible for discoverability, and I really hope we will have a different way to interact with it compared to how gmod does it.


Custom file hosting is a LOT to ask for, but I wonder if Facepunch could have a listing service associated with your Steam account automatically that you could use ingame.

That way all these discoverability features talked about would be much more practical to implement.

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I would suggest it… create a community for trusted designers-inventors who will exhibit their duplicates with a certain “official verified trust mark”.

The essence of this work will be that the moderator receives a request from the player to receive a trust badge. The player sends their work to the moderator and the moderator, based on the submitted work, makes a choice - to give a sign of trust or not.

Or make it a little easier - If a particular engineer receives a lot of ratings for his work, then he is automatically given a trust badge, and so on… his works can be easily found in the “trusted” sorter."

These systems, of course, need to be worked out to the ideal. It is not a fact that all this can be made a reality just like that.

Probably… I’ll even create a separate topic about this functionality… If of course you will find the approval here