In regards to the sudden changes to this section - READ THIS AND DISCUSS WHAT YOU WANT

OK so to start off I’ve been apart of the FP screenshot community for about 7 years now, I love this section, it’s my favourite section easily and it’s where I really feel at home on this website. And honestly the direction the mod team are trying to take it in now isn’t right.

First off the “Screenshot Section Chat Thread” has been our off-topic thread for years where members of our community can just talk about whatever, we’ve been a sub-community on Facepunch ever since FP as a whole branched out into being a general forum, and I think I can speak for every other regular that we liked having our own off-topic thread where it was only us without the wider Facepunch community around. And by the way the chat thread is the off-topic thread just people started to forget to put off-topic in the name.

Secondly when it comes to now banning users for posting SFM pictures. Like you guys literally killed off the SFM section (or maybe it’s hidden now idk) a couple years back a mod even said it was OK for us to post SFM pictures in this section. And many members in our Screenshot RP/Wargame threads (WD & ESP) make their content using SFM and as someone involved heavily in the creation/administration of both of those threads and a SFM content creator myself I see no need to make that against the rules. If you guys really want to “clean-up” this section but do so without let’s be honest “fucking over” a large chunk of the community please at-least like re-brand this section as a general source screenshot section.

This community has already been on the decline population wise for years and I can confidently say with these sudden changes you (the mod team & garry) have made you are going to kill off what’s left of this section, please I beg you from the bottom of my heart don’t do this, but at the end of the day this is your domain and I respect that. If you really want to make these changes and get rid of us (the SFM users) then there’s nothing I can say that will make you want to change that. And all I can say really is it was nice being here while it lasted.

I have a funny feeling I will get banned for this post, so here’s a garrysmod pose so this thread isn’t completely off-topic

I decided to try out a new style, and made a ban hammer welding administrator!

While we’re on-topic, I would like to take the opportunity and say I think what’s been done here is a bit absurd. The chat section has become a part of this sub-community for years now, just as much as SFM pictures, even though they’re not necessarily Gmod related. It’s become a mutation of the subforum and allowed it to survive.

Specifically, the screenshots chat thread is the* go-to place for us screenshots to chat as a family*, and expecting us to disperse and make do with the global chat thread is simply wrong.

The moderators need to understand that pulling the plug on the chat thread is going to send off even more people who keep this community alive, EVEN IF they’re not necessarily contributing Garry’s Mod content - they’re veterans who will always relate to the topic. Additionally, banning SFM content is saying goodbye to more than 50% of this subforum’s content. In other words, if the moderation team wants to see this sub-forum dead, they’re in the right direction.

Moderators, while the section may not be entirely compatible with the rest of the forum’s rules, it’s become home to artists and content creators that want to share their work, an awesome community that’s already having a hard time popularity wise. I think it’s in your role to understand that and adapt to whatever this section is today.

C&C appreciated!

Everyone’s been unbanned. Just so it’s clear cause you ALL need to hear this.
YOU CAN STILL have your chat thread we’re not stopping that. We’re stopping the off topic-ness of it. If you want your off-topic stuff you have the discord( yeah? We went off the basis that we warned you before and have done several times.
Way to save our butts is to say we acted just like if a thread was that badly off topic anywhere else

Garry doesn’t want off topic threads it’s that simple. So we’re still enforcing rules here that should of been in place and with that in mind here’s a good opportunity to discuss what should happen to this section in regards to it’s rules, what threads are allowed and what aren’t.

Making threads like these is an overreaction, this could of been discussed in the thread that you guys asked to close based on this overreaction.

What about us Sfm users though? A mod said it was fine we post our pictures in here a couple years ago but now you’re saying that’s not allowed…

Are you guys having trouble differentiating between why we do not mind SFM content being posted here vs talking about what your dog ate last week. Don’t be dense.

I asked for it to be closed because the thread in and of itself did not serve the purpose that it had been created and running for several years for. It was no longer an off-topic thread if we were supposed to be on-topic. Just changing the name to ‘Screenshots Section Chat Thread’ doesn’t change its original intention. To be an off-topic thread, so screenshoters could get together and talk about things other than gmod and screenshots.

Because it no longer served its original purpose, to be an off-topic thread, there was no reason to keep it open. So I requested it be closed.

Doesn’t this basically mean no SFM?

We cleared this up in the screenshots thread after some internal debating ourselves. You can talk about SFM in here or even in the SFM thread in Valve Discussion. Either is completely fine. What we DON’T want is posts like these.

No. That may have been a post I forgot to edit. See above.
And you Infab.

Kiwi stated already the rules about SFM pics, which I assume will be enforced. Which is why we’re so worried about the SFM pics. Most of the major threads here feature about 40% to 60% SFM pictures. If they can no longer be posted here, then you effectively have gutted those particular threads.

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Nevermind, ninja’d.

Ugh like why would we do that

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So stupid

That’s news to me and every other mod. Find the post about this. We can re-vamp the sticky and you CAN keep your SFM and GMod screenshots thread. That was never the issue in the first place anyway.

I believe Postal was the one that said it. Might be wrong. We’re looking for it.

Yeah, I remember a mod saying that it’s fine for SFM stuff to be posted here after I vouched for it saying that this forum needs to be fookin’ alive.

It was around when the SFM forum was made hidden and I think it was in a chat thread or a sticky. I forgot.

Here’s an idea that’s floating around in my head. No promises and this hasn’t even been discussed with anyone else so this is all raw and my own thoughts so feel free to argue against or for.
Anything Source(SFM, GMod, Half-Life whatever) related screenshots, movies in game media etc etc go in a new section called Source. You can have your SFM + GMod screenshots/media chat thread(or you could still have it in here as well) and post anything SFM or GMod related, so your dupes, screenshots, SFM, GMod or Source videos, animations whatever in there.

Their will be a lot more discussion when all of us are awake in 6-7 ish hours ofc and it’s waaaaaaaaaaay late for most of us.

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The alternative idea to this is just create a section called Source Media and anything source goes in here including SFM and/or GMod if you so desire. GMod Screenshots, dupes and saves stays where it is. Opening SFM seems like the right direction and it feels what everybody wants instead, regardless if it includes GMod or not.

this sounds like a good idea to me

i have hope that it might revive the local Source community a little, because honestly the GMod section has been stagnating for years, SFM section died/got murdered and the SFM thread in General Games is an old rotten zombie at this point.

I’m not a member of the community so I’m not sure of all the ins and outs, but for off topic discussion and stuff wouldn’t setting up a discord server be a good idea?

This is a good idea. I’d like to see this happen.

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IMO a discord server is just like, a sort of shack, where a section in a forum is more of a house.

This sounds far better and actively brings us back together, which is a good thing.

That’s very fair, I’m not suggesting the whole section be moved there, but instead more like, if a community has formed here, it’d be a good way for you guys to be able to interact in a far more offtopic fashion without a worry of getting banned.

This is a far more ideal situation, because it doesn’t segregate an already small userbase, allows threads like EW/WD to live without any serious issue, and it doesn’t bury it under a generalized media subforum that would have non-GMod/SFM stuff posted in it that would likely bury relevant threads. It allows SFM and GMod users actually have slightly greater freedom since now they aren’t restricted to specifically SFM or GMod and they aren’t segregated from users of either program who wish to participate in group collab threads.

I still think an off topic off topic thread is a better alternative to a discord server though, it’s a little more structured in form and just feels more fluid than a discord server that feels rather chaotic by comparison.