In regards to the sudden changes to this section - READ THIS AND DISCUSS WHAT YOU WANT

Why didn’t you just make these suggestions first instead of banning everyone and causing a lot of problems for us.

Because at first we were in there just for off topic. It’s alot more than just that if you care at all to read any of this thread.

Holding onto this isn’t the greatest. Nor what transpired.

This is why you dont go and moderate threads untouched for years.

Big ol can of worms has been opened.

I’ve never been apart of this community but I agree with the users stance on SFM content, why ban it?

We never banned nor had the intention to. We don’t care for it. We care about the off topic bans we did. Miscommunication of words in the mist of like you said a can of worms. Had to be moderated at one point. Again garry did say no off topic chat threads. It was off topic, and if you read the thread you’ll find out that this part is irrelevant. We already decided that it was okay.

Even then, some of the you guys should’ve known or realized that trying to touch a community that you haven’t moderated for some time wasn’t gonna end well if you just went Rambo with the Ban Hammer. It just seemed a bit brash in the way you guys handled it. This isn’t a avarage thread you tried moderating, it was the entire screenshot community and now as a result, this community is more in likely gonna feel more distrust against the FP mods and staff.
Even if Garry said no more off-topic content in content specific threads, you guys should have posted a warning in the said thread.

Btw, this was a dick move.

I feel like this is something I need to ask, especially seeing as this is such a massive change to a rather small and tightly-knit community such as ours, but why are off-topic threads bannable now? And if they were bannable already, how come it’s a problem now and wasn’t back then? We never received any sort of warning or any kind of indication that such was the matter, even when other mods visited our section many times in the past, and I don’t think this would’ve made this many waves among our community had we been notified in advance. We could’ve also had a discussion about it involving all members of the community here giving their input and ideas which would’ve avoided this mess. As others have pointed out in this thread, we’ve had that off-topic chat thread going for at least 5 years, and it just seems so random and out of the blue that it’s against the rules now. You’ll have to forgive me for insisting with this question, but this is probably the first time in years (if not, the first time ever) our section has been changed by the mods, and it’s heavily impacted our community in a negative way, so I really believe we need an answer.

Forgive me for saying this, but I’m getting the vibe the moderation team just doesn’t know or understand our section and how important that thread was to us. It was a bit of a focal point for many of the threads here like EW and WD for users to talk about a range of things such as the neat tricks and tools they use to make their images better, to what’s going on in their daily lives. That thread pretty much helped forge our community and held it together so tightly over the years. How come this is bannable and other off-topic threads like WAYT aren’t?

Oh and as for the screenshot section discord, that was made by a problem child and banned member of our section who had no idea what they were doing and it’s hardly even populated. I doubt anyone’s going to use that, and there’s people here who hardly use discord enough to warrant a screenshot section version to be of much use.

The answer your probably gonna get here is that WAYT is the “dedicated off-topic thread” or something but I dont really understand the problem behind smaller communities having their megathreads being allowed to have off-topic posts. It seems like the rules just there to crack down on things that no one in these communities wants gone?

To that I say this: Who among us here wants to mingle with the users in that thread? WAYT is immensely disliked by a majority of people outside of it in many sections, and some of us here have had bad experiences with that thread and the users in it. Now they might point out a user here I know personally and who frequents WAYT, but even they agree that trying to squeeze us together is a horrible idea that will only end poorly.

it’s all goods now me and frost took it over.

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also wayt sucks dude and I hell don’t like the people that hang around there, to be honest if having an off-topic thread means we have to use wayt I’d rather not be apart of one at all.

snip, slim summed up my point

Can I request that the general rules be re-changed to include SFM again, to both clear up any doubts and make it more friendly for anyone who might want to join in the future.

Oh my god, here we go again? The only problem in this section are the mods (yes you) that are poorly managing it and trying to pardon their actions for some sweet words.

Oh, and what a nice ban I got. I didn’t even know. Thanks justinl132 for pointing it out.

Moving to the WAYT thread is plain stupid, what’s the purpose of it ? Each thread lasts 3 days maximum and it’s a huge clusterfuck, I don’t how it would be possible to adapt to it, we’re used to long debates and conversations here, the WAYT thread clearly isn’t a viable option.

I’m guessing nobody read the first paragraph of my first post here so I’m gonna say it again.
You can do whatever in your discord. You can still have your chat thread but it must be about SFM, source or GMod. No off topic because that goes against Garry’s orders when it comes to chat threads. If you really want to talk about off topic on the forums you have wayt or the appropriate on topic thread or your guys discord. Nobody here is gonna force you to WAYT at this point and if it was communicated like this again that’s not what we wanted.

It’s clear that this was going to happen and the bans only amplified the effect. We have your attention which is great it means that this whole part of the community will actually talk and not just the regulars so there’s a plus to that.

From what we understand and now what we want to do and have asked is that SFM section needs to come back and it had no love. This is more than just moderators oops(And we really did fuck this one up and we should of approached this in a different way)in retrospect hence why we reversed all of the bans silently and they do not count at all.

We need to stop taking things out of context here otherwise you’re only maintaining the stresss it’s caused rather than figuring out what needs to be done.

You really are all off touch here. No one is going to force you post in WAYT in Fast Threads if you wanted full offtopic, that’s just torture, but that is what that thread is there for. You get to keep a chat thread to talk about anything you want if it is related to GMOD/SFM/SOURCE and a discord to go hog wild in - almost every other chat thread on this forum has gone through the motions of doing this. It’s clear this place has been neglected, and it’s time to update. in the end you’ll be gaining than losing.

I agree with what Joazzz said up there. Probably the best option out of this.

Would still like to have the off-topic thread that’s actually off-topic, but since there’s no budging on that at all, then whatever.

If this is “updating” a neglected subforum in your eyes, you’re wrong. We were doing fine and had no issues at all before this happened. And a discord chat really can’t compare to an actual off-topic thread. The stuff you say in a discord is prone to disappearing in other’s conversations.

fucking new mods…

plz standby

I’m reversing everything that has been done. I’m sorry for the way the moderators have gone about this. I was not consulted. I have offered them guidance on how to proceed with such radical overhauls in future.

When I’m off work, I’ll sit down and look at what needs to be done to improve this forum. I’d appreciate if somebody could create a thread where the community can offer some ideas.

Thank you for undoing this <3