In Rust We Trust

Silver Tarnish - everyone is welcome! - we are at service now almost half a year!
Launch the game, press F1 to open the console and write (or copy paste):
Press F1 again to close the console.

It features original deathmatch arenas. Just constant battles with balanced kits. Check out /dm command to find out list of all those arenas.

No military guns, no kevlar, no Explosive charge. Just plain surivval! Arenas have highest equipment. You cannot get them in game now:) So, its real survival!

Keywords: Oxide, PVP , **Instacraft **(at night, half craft at the daytime), Remove (use pick axe, if needed there is a kit for that), Kits (/kit), Missions(/mission, even supply signal has its own mission, check (/mission wolf), Custom spawn kits, lowered durability (yes, you can use even stone hatchet for a couple of days), slower decay and other small things we changed.

New server: Instant crafting at night, half craft on daytime. Lowered durability. Increased daytime and reduced night makes sense as we all increase brightness at our monitor, right?
Most spawn kits take away your rock and give you random selection of hatchet, stone hatchet, pick axe, bow, arrows, med kits, pipe shotgun. Sometimes you have to keep your rock, for instance starter with pipe shotgun and some ammo. Basically, the Rock is lovely and we all love it but in our opinion everyone are able to get from rock to m4 in 3 hours. So, let’s even the bets between fresh spawn and veterans.

There are perks for new players at rust- easy to start, and veteran players. Crafters and raiders. Everyone will find something here.

Adult admins ( over 30 ). We also test modifications and play around game settings. Your feedback is warmy welcome! There are a lot of hidden game mechanics. Otherwise vanilla Rust with oxide mods.

Demonstration of burgalar mod. Open the doors with handmade lockpicks.

We do not have much regulars yet. Nice quiet place to get started early. Or even your first rust experience.

Check out small test on hackers monitor…

Confirmed. Animals are hacking. Vertical. Confirmed:p Caught at the video! Were killed and banned:p

There will be streamer(s). Be prepared. Lock and load!

Changed some settings, for night and day… so… something different…

Support to tracking implemented. And then removed. See reason below.

New XP system created. You chose your own path. Will you be a killer, survivor or your weapon of choice is a bow. Everything you do reflects at game play as you advance.

We removed player tracking at rustnuts . The reason for that is that I hoped all players can use that but only administrators. That does not make any sense.

Today, we wiped and disabled military weaponary crafting. Do not worry, C4 is still craftable, it is easy when you have Explosives (which is not craftable). But we have alternative ways to raid (hint: burgalar):slight_smile:

Okay, experience (XP) system has now more perks. You will really chose your own path!

Instead of Bump I have to announce more RPG elements at this server. I know it is hard to start at Rust and soon it gets annoying but yes. We are constantly developing new stuff into this game. Faster than Gary:)

one of popular streamer is online. come and join Kolt Mekka:)

Updates: Now we feature two dathmatch arenas - big and small.
Log in, see help at /dm
To join:

/dm small to join the small one
/dm big to join the big one

No limits! No required users, no prices, just pure PVP fun! (nb! check back in the evening (CET)! Then there are more players in!

one more added. The western town! Now we have three for every taste!

/dm western - check that out!

Allright. Just wanted to say you, my friends. Next month is guaranteed!

Some footage from Wetern Arena:
Oh, now we are introducing one grenade at this arena as well. Have fun, kids!

Ok. Now it is turned to real survival. No military weapons. No C4, Daily airdrops.
We kept arenas though:)