In search of models from fallout 3 and new vegas.

I love the fallout franchise, and I wanted to make a fan based map from the fallout series. I tried to find some content related to fallout from the usual source, but it seems the website is down. ( :c

Would anyone possibly have saved any content in the past that they would not mind sharing with me? You would be saving me so much man hours porting, and I could focus on the level designing instead of content ports.

If at all possible please either post here, or you can add me on steam.

Thank you in advance.

Several props packs have been uploaded to the Gmod workshop. You could unpack them and use them on your map, as long as you get permission from the addon author, and credit properly.

Here is something I uploaded back in 2013, It’s the failed FEV subject from Fallout 3

Thanks for that ive never seen this thing before.

@Jesus Crits
Thanks for pointing me to this guy, hes done a ton of porting work.