In search of someone who can make this


I am in search of a script that can perform this task.

A player starts with $100
Upon joining, every 5seconds $5 gets added to this account.
(I do not want $1/second, i truelly want a $5 Increase / 5seconds)

The Value outputted will be “Money”

Also, I do not want this system to save the money. So, if you only have a code that saves the money, PLEASE DO NOT POST IT. I want the money to be reset when you disconnect.

I guess you lost track of your previous thread that was at the top of the page? Because you’ve received plenty of answers in it already :

Also if it’s just a plain request, then post it in the right section.

You are right, my bad. But everyone in that thread was just posting systems that save. I clearly said in the title that I do not want it to save.

The 3rd, 8th, 9th and 13th post in that thread have examples of money systems that do not save.

Maybe you should scroll to the bottom?

That’s not true, and in the cases where a save system is present just delete the lines about loading and saving.