In space, no one can hear you scream - Some guy floating in space

Gee, how fun. Spawn of boredom and I bet this has been done countless times.

Oxygen supplies goes PSSSHT

I know it’s dark, but you know, space IS dark.

Reminds me of the opening to Mass Effect 2.

Right, my avatar has no connection to me liking Mass Effect

Really, not at all

Lack of Aliens.

It definately doesnt show your love for Aviator’s as well.


Wouldn’t his body have decompressed, doesn’t look like he is wearing a sealed suit.

The title. No one would hear you if they where there.

Sound is actually vibrations in the air which can’t travel in the vacuum of space since it is depended on air. Sound can travel through air because air is made of molecules. These molecules carry the sound waves by bumping into each other, like Dominoes knocking each other over. There is no sound in space because there are no molecules there to transmit the sound waves.

Couldn’t find any better models

Whenever I post in a thread, it dies :saddowns:

Ok, I’m sorry but I’m not really sure what to make of this. The title says that no one can hear your screams in space, yes? Why did I read through this lecture then?

I don’t know really, maybe he just wanted to elaborate… that… I guess…?

Just spreading some knowledge:eng101:

ITT vacuum is nothing, vibrations travels through molecules :pseudo:

Pretty creepy. The toughts about being that guy, all alone floating there, makes this picture for me.
Very nice, I expected some Dead Space stuff tough.

If you had added debris, it would have made the picture just that much more exciting, but then again, it would then remind me of Quake, which would make it amazing.
Since, after all, no one has done a Quake pose in a long time… if at all.

You’ve just created a black hole.

Just trying to capture the loneliness in space

Guess I succeeded eh


No, he just told us everything we should know if you listened to the teacher in physics.

About that picture, it’s kinda empty.

Actually. For a black hole to be created, a star 10 times the mass of our sun must collapse in on it’s self. When the core implodes, it punches a hole in the fabric of space. Beyond that science can’t rally explain what is happening. But I will let them now when I have figured it out.

About the picture. It is space. It is supposed to be empty. Well it is pretty crowed, but for us it is a void. Proxima Centauri, out nearest neighboring star is 4.22 light years from us, which is bloody far by our measurement.

Hey, a unicorn!

I stopped reading here