in sunsets and silhouettes

To be continued, in this thread.


This here is a good comic.

Your editing was ace, but what is this really of? A few static shots of some telephone poles and a watering tower.

I await the next installment.

I saw more than that in this comic.

I’m interested to see where this goes.

This is probably the most interesting comic I’ve seen in a while. Funny thing is, usually comics of this nature are usually so hilariously bad, it’s not even worth commenting on. Anywaste, I’ll be following this.

This doesn’t seem to bad. Will be looking out for this in the future.

Nice writing and edits. Me like.

Poetic, beautiful, amazing angles and colors, very nice text… I don’t know what to say, you blew my mind and there’s not even any posing.

Thanks guys.

This is amazing. Great work.

I’m speechless.

Then stfu, lol. :slight_smile:

Wat?..stop it, thats stupid, typing like that I mean.
on topic.
I love this, I was listening to some music and it got to a very sad part, and just completed this. It’s very rare that something will have an impact on me and make me think such as this, thank you.
Hearts and Palettes bro.


this is what I had on-

Just skip to 1:40 and thats how I had that aweseom moment.

That’s it, guys! Thanks so much for reading, and for the comments.

Thanks again for your time!

@Ben: In regards to your post in my thread, I must say I’m honored.

Shut up, dad.

I quite enjoyed this. Was a leap from the normal routine.