"In the air tonight..." Man awaiting his doom.


Sorry for no zombies, I tried posing a couple of them, but gave up as my FPS sunk under 5 for some reason :frown:


First pose in 6 days, I’m quite out of ideas.

The guy looks scared shitless, next time do that again with osme guy thinking he is a badass with a machine gun with cartridges all over the fucking place.
gets a funneh for the first reason

Oh i didn’t mention is was amazing :smiley:

Looks a little empty but the atmosphere/editing looks great Zera~

He’s about to get rushed by zombies.

Eating his flesh

His flesh



Why do you refer to me as Zera~?


Very nice looking. I’m a sucker for a blue red color scheme. The only issue is that it is awfully empty, and the guy shouldn’t be right in the middle. If he were a bit to a side, it would look better.

Looks awesome, but it’s really empty.

I always forget the last letters of your name… Im really bad at remembering names at all tbh :saddowns:


I wanna know why my name is on the “comparescreenshots” page. It’s all a conspiracy I tell you!

Wait, shit. I have all these saved titles that popps up every time I type something :v: Guess I took yours by accident. :3:

nice posing and editing.