In the caves

Criticism please.


Second dude on right kinda looks obamaish?

He had a pretty tough life before becoming the president.

I love the lighting here. Blur could be toned down a bit though, the caves look pretty enough on their own and don’t really need to be completely obscured.

I’m assuming that this is an SFM render. Might want to consider throwing in a little [SFM] in the title to let people know.

Anyways, good stuff. Keep it up.

Thanks dude, and yeah I was going to tone it down but bokeh is just fun to toy with.

From criticism standpoint. I’d say you pretty much nailed everything but if you want me to get picky i’d say this:

There’s a bit too much space between the top cave and the guys at the bottom, but that is understandable since you wanted to capture the cave. I would’ve pushed the camera closer to the ground to fix that. I’d also say that the left arm of the guy with the flashlight seems kind of unusual. He could be holding his hand on his hip or something, or holding a gun. Just minor stuff.

Yeah I figured I should’ve done something with his arm but it didn’t niggle me as much as it should of. As for the angle, that was more of a stylistic decision, but I understand if it didn’t work.

I also want an invisible flashlight!

It’s in his hand, I did a shit job of trying to connect that and the light though. Couldn’t get it to look right.

I agree with the heavy blur. Also it would’ve been nice as those are paratroopers to see some M1 Carbines as they were widely issued to pretty much everyone.

I know this is really nitpicky, but the drum mag also wasn’t used much because it sucked, and he has the normal mag pouches on his chest, but he has a drum mag in. That’s just being really nitpicky.

Overall though it’s really nice to look at, and the posing is pretty pretty good.

They aren’t paratroopers though, they’re regular infantry wearing late war uniforms.

The guys in the pic are wearing m43 jackets. Plus even though you can’t see it those models are wearing gators something p uncommon amongst the airborne.

Plus the M1 carbine wasn’t even given to everyone it was mostly something seen in the hands of officers, nco’s, technicians and the like. Riflemen would almost always have a garand/springfield.

slim comes for the save

Huh, thought those were the AB models.

Added a ‘fixed’ version to the OP, toned down the blur and fixed the Thompson. Hope that’s better.