In the club[/t]

Really happy with this one, worth opening in a new tab.

In the club


[t][/t] [t]

that ass tho


what did he mean by this?

because, as far as i can tell, these shots have nice lighting, good composition and a good theme to them, the shock trooper one in particular, it has a really nice actiony feel of motion to it

who the hell even cares what he thinks at this point


I also question this, it seems some people are

that I find a type of artwork repetitive and dis-interesting. It is a personal opinion that some people here won’t seem to get over.

Who cares about a rating so much that when I click one it has to be brought up in the thread. It’s dead, move on, stop derailing threads.

I could say the same to you?
the reason I bring it up is because you rate everything he does like this, and even when he does something you don’t there’s always just a condescending comment
I don’t see why you care so much about Jimmies’ content you feel the need to do that on every thread, just like, live and let live dude

Not continuing this, I rate everything not just his work. If you care so much about a small 15x15 icon that you go on about it for this long, need to realign priorities.

If you have a problem, PM/Take it elsewhere. If Jimmys has a serious problem with it, he can talk directly in PMs about it rather than have you and his buds make a huge deal out of it.

You could also turn off the rating

You’re amazing.

I don’t know why Ninja or anyone else brought it up it’s a stupid discussion at this point.

However with that being said you do happen to post (or rate whatever) in almost every single one of his threads despite there being other even more popular threads at the time. Not saying you aren’t allowed to focus on him it’s just something I’ve noticed.


Don’t really feel like “Taking this to PM’s”. Like oh no I’m going to derail a thread that probably would be dead by this point if not for this discussion.

If I’m wrong about you focusing on him why exactly did you pick this thread and his other thread out to reply to instead of the several others that are trending right now. Like I think your criticism is generally pretty valid it’d be nice if I could even get it on some of my own work.

Luxuria, do you have any tutorials on your methods, or any resources you could point me to? I’d like to up my game, but I haven’t a clue where to go next. Seeing your work is giving me something to aspire to.