In the crypts, no one can hear you bolt-timing...

Title and idea by Crazy Knife

My Edit

Crazy Knife’s edit




Weird lighting, that’s really about it.

Tried to fix lighting, but uh, personal preference is all. [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

the lighting makes it hard to tell what’s going on

use dust and smoke effects to bring out the silhouettes of characters in dark scenes

Don’t have to make a thread for everything you know.

This is interesting enough for a Thread. Generic Military poses and guys shooting offscreen or the stuff I used to make could probably go in the “Not want make thread” thread but this is unique and good enough to have its own thread.

As everybody else said, you should have placed a very faint light so the shadows aren’t pitch black, makes it kind of unpleasant to look at.

There actually were more lamps, but you could see his face and because it’s only a playermodel, it’s really derpy looking and there is no eyeposing, so I deemed it was the best course of action to hide Dovahkiin’s face in the shadows.

Anyway, next time I’ll try following your advice.