In the future, will it be more "balanced" for newer players?


I have being seeing a lot of gameplay of rust and I must admit I am quite impressed - there is lots to do, explore, make, fight off, defend against and much more. However, a common issue I see in reviews and such is starting off. Players have being saying its quite hard to start off with players killing you every minute, raiding your base and stealing your resources.

Will there be a form of protection for newer players? Just to help them get a start in the game and to enjoy it.

“Its easy to overpower unarmed prey, but its much more challenging if they are armed.”

if you know what you are doing it is quite easy- solo
but in a team its much more fun and its even better

of course it will. i don’t think it is going to involve something as simple as protection though

There are already PvE server, I have heard. But is this enforced?

PvE servers are just servers where you cant harm other players. it doesn’t need to be enforced, its part of the system

Ahh I see, thanks :slight_smile: