"In The Name of Practicality, I Utilize Thee."

I’m slightly bothered by the fact that the 5-second posed stuff I make get more views and posts than the stuff I actually put work into :v:


Pretty rad, but is there another shooter? How is there a spark coming from the opposite direction from what the guy’s shooting?

The box isn’t really working. That’s the bullet passing through it.

Bandits in STALKER never attack alone, so there is probably others shooting from elsewhere.

it’s the ukrainian ned kelly

Dubeard your stuff owns.

For some reason, I can’t help but think of the Tetris theme.

It’s coming from three directions, but as you can see, one visible guy.

I lol’ed at the leg posing for some reason, very nice man.

At first, I thought the shooter was Darth Vader with no cape.

Nice. Love the sparks.

Those idiots should be shooting at the legs :stuck_out_tongue:

This picture is full of win.

Ha I get it from the Zero Punctuation review of STALKER:Clear Sky that the character is a walking refrigerator

I was not aware that Yahtzee did a review of Clear Sky :v:

needs a bigass


caption at the bottom

nice sparks except for that big random one on the right

“Iron anomoly soon fellow stalker.”
“How soon?”