In the night of judgement, the watcher still waiting.

I dont have time for finding fitting music, but I hope you will enjoy it. =)

Sorry for some monitors with high brightness. I hope I set balance brightness.

Flying spider drones, fuck yeah!

The angle is pretty cool.

Allow me to assist.

Awesome picture as well.

Awesome view of the city

I see Faraon_ZzZ’s jealous…
Quite a good picture anyway.

Very “Ghost in the Shell”. I like it!

Thank you guys =)

Would you say she is also watching as she is called the watcher and not just waiting? Watching is what the Watcher is supposed to do is it not?

Looking good.

I capture from one sci-fi movie (I didn’t remember the name) It’s about watcher act as security agent. I might get wrong about words. =\

I love the water effect.

Please give me a map name, this looks so cool!