In the Night They Came, a Horde of Monsters Far From Grace

had some fun with rain again


jesus fucking christ on a caramel coated stick

Fuckin A+, man.

they should have sent a poet

I love it, especially how it drags my eyes to the center with that one soldier. But for the purple lightning, seems low res to me to be honest, I’m pretty sure I would change it, maybe make the lightning thinner and more detailed, kind of like :

the point of it, actually. originally i had a more detailed sky going on, but that stole focus from the main scene and so i dumbed it down.

I think I know what the problem is. The black cloud that’s at the top center is way too detailed (like a high res brush) which makes the lightning appear pasted on, which at least makes it look weird for my eyes. I mean I would personally cut out like 10-15 % from the top, picture still looks good in my opinion even with that part absent. It further centers it on the red marine in the middle.

idk, the composition seems fine, having that amount of space at the top makes the bottom half look more chaotic

the shot was originally framed so that the right side aircraft was basically skimming the upper edge, but it felt really cramped, so i added more space to the top because i felt it’d look better if the pic was equally divided between the army and the sky, with their meeting point forming a straight line almost precisely in the middle

Holy shit

I have to ask - what texture work did you do on the models? The way the (reflective?) water joins in with the grungy blood stained, painted metal is great

thanks, didn’t do anything other than draw the water effects in post, all the blood stuff is painted onto the model textures themselves and accessed through skingroups

what up joazzz your shit is even better than i remember whoa

i learned from the best

This is great! How did you do the water on the armor?

painted it, picked pure white for the color and Overlay for the blending. streaks with a basic low opacity brush, and the “droplet” effect with what GIMP calls “Jittering”.

Do you use any in game effects, or are they all painted in like the rain?

all effects were photoshopped, in game effects are shit and not worth using.

Sweet! That’s gonna make a huge difference in my own work. I assume this means you light the areas the where effects are going to be, or is that done in Photoshop as well?

it’s a bit complicated to explain, but lighting was entirely in-game (technically, anyway) while all the explosions, fire, rain, smoke and that stuff was not

none of the scenes that i do are simply screenshots, they’re more like collages assembled from many different pictures, with each shot having one light on. one shot for atmospheric lights, one shot for the sun or whatever, one shot for each explosion and so on

this explains the process in full detail: