"In The Rain Of Bullets"-Just another Generic pic

C&C are welcomed

considering hes standing in a ‘‘rain of bullets’’ he’s quite relaxed.

  • Wow, man this is really a nice gun.
  • I wonder if zis WEPON doez ze bang bang!

…Yeah, it’s…really…a lot of action going on with just a guy…standing in the middle of it and looking at his gun…

Posing is wonky.

Every thread i watched had a comment of you saying something’s bad in one or two words. Had a bad night? :c

Screen is pretty actionpacked, pretty cool. Maybe some more covering movement would’ve been cool.

I just can’t be assed to write essays of constructive criticism.

I also usually comment on something that first gets my attention.

And the theme of the pic I’m commenting on sometimes affects my attitude towards it.

Welll i think his gun Jammed

thats the least of hes problems…

Posing seems a little off,
but dat edit.

Like the Gun and the helicopter!

why the hell are there two of the same threads??