In the snowy forests of the Ardennes

Not as exceptionnal as Exorade and UTSTriggerhappy scenebuilds but I think it turned out fine.
I was searching for a realistic looking Ardennes landscape and I have to say that I did it well.

C&C would be fine.

I like it, you nailed the posing very well on the guy sprinting with a garand. (?)

Nice! Makes me want to watch Band of Brothers again.

very nice! I’d just suggest you work on the finger posing though. I do the exact same thing every time; a few characters with finger posing look like they’re grabbing the air while a few other fingers are actually touching the gun.
other than that? beautiful. honors for the editing too

Broken wrist on the guys with the garand, and both riflemen are holding their rifles like it has a pistol grip on it. Awkward posing on the guys running IMO, but otherwise well done!

Mayme your best, my friend! Keep it up.

why do the helmet shadows stand out from all the mist and dust like that

Because I forgot to make the shadows before putting the mist brushes.

I think you and Jim_Riley should get in touch.

Can’t you move the layers? If not, it probably would look better with them out, it looks out of place.

I don’t have the original at home but when I will, I’ll remove the shadows.