In thought

don’t pay attention to the table i fucked something really bad and couldn’t bring it back… in some angles aa is also fucked up,

okay it came out terrible…

why even post it then?
don’t mean to be rude.

It’s a tad bit too bright. Makes it look a little cartoonish.

very disorienting

if you didn’t say this was a shitty edit i would’ve deduced you intended to make it look like he’s intoxicated

if the lighting and posing were better it could’ve had a really good intoxicated+disorientating vibe going, like the world’s being seen through a drug-addicted haze

I can see you understand where I was going with the picture, the thing is I also have a lot of trouble with lighting in the game, I originally intended to make it a dark picture with a light falling upon him from the right hand side, i had to use the tool “light” instead of lamps, cause lamps were useless, but it was apparently brightening the whole place up , so I was forced to change the concept.