In your opinion, what's your favorite RP map and why?

Hey FP,
Opening a server is tough for me, cause I can’t pick a map to stick with.
I want a popular map, not too over used, where I can build a playerbase with my 30 slot server.
I own a Roleplay server, with a custom script, similar to PeRP. I don’t want to include cars, seeing
as my player count is small.

If I were to include cars, which is perfectly possible, it’d have to be a medium sized map, seeing as 30 players isn’t enough for something the size of EvoCity.
If you got ideas, please share.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: The server I want, is a server where players get to make their suggestions come true. I want my server to be made by the players, for the players.
Of course, having said that, I do want to make some big decisions.

Currently, the server (omg flame), is based from DarkRP. But I assure you it is nothing generic. I’ve spent a lot of time recoding it, and it’s something better. Yes, the point of the gamemode is to gain money. It’s basically DarkRP, with the mixture of PeRP.

Anyways, I’d appreciate any help. Thanks~
It’s Lite RP.

It’s a babystep from DarkRP…

Use - ? Its a remake of the best map ever.

Not too successful with this map. It’s waay overused, and there’s a new map (rp_downtown_v6), which adds many more features this map has. Thanks for the response though.

I like rp_stopmakingdowntownremakes

I personally prefer distant city but thats just evil nostalgia

I’ll take a look.
I’m already getting convinced for townsend, it’s just awesome.
Thing is, I hate using overused maps, cause than I have competition.

Townsend is probably the only map I’ve found rp in.
and that was a hostage crisis anyways.

actually it wasn’t that good at all a cop ran in with a flamethrower and killed the hostages “accidently”

Sounds uh. Fun? It seems very good.
I used to use 1.5 lol.