IN_RELOAD not working

Seems like IN_RELOAD isn’t working when using KeyDown().
Haven’t been working for a long while now.

All the other IN_KEYS work.

Any ideas about how to go around the problem?

Well, I’m using it in a SWEP, and as far as I know, it works fine. That’s one odd problem you’ve got there.
Do you have a hook that might prevent the player from reloading or something like that?

It’s not for a swep.
Sweps can use another function that will be called automatically when the reload key is pressed and it works.
I’m checking for key presses in an ent.
When checking for IN_RELOAD it won’t work but all the other keys does.

if ply:KeyDown( IN_ATTACK ) then
Msg(“This key works!”)

if ply:KeyDown( IN_RELOAD ) then
Msg(“This key have stopped working”)


Weird, it works for me in my ent. Are you using it client-side or server-side?

KeyDown() is shared so it shouldn’t matter.

Another example is engine mod.
Suddenly people started reporting that the car radio didn’t work (the radio used IN_RELOAD).
Seems like it broke after an update.