inappropriate content

My little brother was playing a server in in Garry’s Mod and someone put a really inappropriate photo up and now my brother can not play this game. So i was hoping that Facepunch would make it so you have a list you have to chose fr om so no one else will get in trouble

Do you mean someone sprayed an image upon a wall? You can’t do anything about that. Why can’t he play the game? Unless some authority figure is being stupid and saying that an inappropriate image in a videogame is reason to ban the game, he could play gmod and just ignore the inappropriate behaviour.

And he could disable the option to show player sprays. Standard Source option.

You can do that? I had no idea.

Ban meat because babies don’t have teeth to eat it.

cl_playerspraydisable 1 in console.

A list to choose from what, exactly?

He’s probably talking about a list of servers that are safe for the whole family.

i doubt he’s talking about sprays, he’s probably talking about a server that !meatspin’d him or something similar

I interpreted it as him asking for FP to make Custom Sprays unavailable, and instead only allow players to select from a list of pre-approved sprays.

If that’s the case, well, welcome to the Internet, kids. :v:

all online games have potential for stuff like this to happen, teach your kids how to deal with it responsibly instead of coddling them.
helicopter parenting and the obnoxious special snowflakes it creates are a cancerous tumour on the ass crack of this generation

Did that on my old server once to some squeaker who decided to join only to go afk and rack up play time because of autopromote (I had mingy stuff like weapons available for regular+ users only to have them available for people needing them to code holo E2s)

When I saw him not coming back after ~20 minutes when he suddenly stopped driving his hl2 buggy I launched Tyler’s meatspin command and just a few minutes later all I heard over voice was the worst and most terrifying kid scream I could imagine and some adult shouting in the background.

You could of kicked or banned him.

Wow, applause, you sure showed that child not to play the game, good job

He is obviously talking about sprays.

I’m pretty sure you can get into some very serious trouble for doing this stupid shit.

May I first ask why your little brother is playing a game like Gmod?

Probably because the game is rated so low, unknowingly, parents or older siblings buy this game because they don’t know that a single add-on can make this an AO rated game.

Garry’s Mod doesn’t have an ESRB rating.