I can’t seem to find any mods which involve a player becoming incapacitated rather than killed. Bleeding out took too long to heal for a more casual style of gameplay so I was wondering if anyone wanted to make this (or tell me what it is called).

Anyway, the idea of the mod is simply that a player becomes ragdolled when their health falls below a certain point and can only be revived by a shot from a swep. The ragdolled player probably should be loosing health and eventualy die to prevent them from waiting ages to be revived.

Any response would be much appreciated :3:

You could also put force on an arm to make it stand up, like when you die with BailOut.

It would be nice to see this done in the style of Grand Theft Auto IV’s scripted rag doll animations. And maybe have some kit of survival devices such as bandages and such. And maybe a cure-all item.

Bandages would require a new model so that probably won’t happen. Would be cool though.