Incase we forgot, the chat is still unacceptable

haven’t seen the proper outrage about not seeing enemy names and no chat logs in a while, let us not forget that it is ridiculous to not have a chat log and that cheaters roam free because we cannot name names

Don’t agree sorry

I also do not agree with you, you’re stupid go away.

the fact that you can’t name name’s is pretty fucking silly

on one hand it prevents you from rage hunting which is really good

on the other, someone could just aimbot and players wouldn’t know any better

Expanding the chat box enough to see a second line of text from a person? only needs to be a few px

Remaining subtle and perhaps even harmless is a big part of how alot of people play. Knowing who the aggressive, competitive players are is stupid on an open world game like rust. Play nice or you’re eventually going to have a target on your head. Mite aswell remove guns if this gets implemented.

We’re going to add a message on the new death screen that says who you were killed by (I think)

except for when you know, people cheat and no one has any idea who the hell is the culprit? or people who are spawnkilling newspawn, not EVEN for inventory? just to deathmatch?

there are many pros to it, many many good pros

and fewer cons, however, it’s a big con

Its a good change helk… scales were already tipped in favor of the bandit, the fact that we can now do it and remain anonymous is a bit much

Thing is, in real life you are not going to see someone’s name (Unless you have the Shinigami’s Eyes :v: I crack myself up.) I would propose that instead of that, we have some character customization, so that you can physically recognize people who have been attacking you. That is just my thought though.

This is not real life.

True, but the idea is that it should at least somewhat emulate real life, though you are right, I was just offering my own suggestion :smile:

great now i have to build toilets in my house!

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unrelated question, exactly how far off do you think that house ownership thing is, or perhaps even at least the ability for an admin to remove ceilings/pillars?

Want to emulate real life more? Then make C4, explosives, kevlar etc MUCH harder to produce.

Yeah this is a no brainer.

I was hoping that you would be able to maintain a chat log in the console.