Incendiary Shotgun?

Like this dude, with less muzzleflash?
Set distance, like the shotgun from Jak 2, and the first upgrade from Jak 3?

Basically a flamethrower?

A shotgun that shoots flaming flares, in a straight line, and wears off after a set distance?

I see. So a flamethrower, but instead of throwing flame, it throws flaming things.

So, like if there was a buckshot flare or something?

Heey, good idea. Would be very fun indeed

I’m so doing this. Right now.


50% done already.


Creating the pellets…

Man, that is cool.

So uh, how’s it going?

Pretty much done, effects are there, looks pretty much exactly like a scripted version of whats in the image, I just need it to catch things on fire, and then apply damage, like a normal buckshot.

I would have done this much quicker, I apologize, but I’m working on a number of things at once.

I’ll post images in a second.


Where “in a second” means “in an hour or two”… Sorry. Suddenly got asked by my folks to move stuff from in between our homes.

Hey, it’s no problem.

Just got done moving stuff, I’ll finish this right around now.

Well CptFuzziez, I guess you aren’t that arrogant. :v:

I never was, some people on this forum are just insulting.


I just finished it, it’s nice.

Hold on, I’ll gather screens.




Pretty awesome.

Uh… It doesn’t, y’know.
It looks more like a Flak round.
Needs more FOOM!

Describe “Foom”.
It’s awesome.

More fizzlyness, less blastingness?


I imagine that’s what hes getting at. Like, more ‘phffffffffff’ and less ‘blam’

According to wikipedia it’s a HUGE gout of flame (which keeps coming out of the barrel in a trickle for a while afterwards) rather than actual flaming slugs.


Though, according to this youtube video, it just fires a firework.
Either way, there is still a lot more flashy firey bits, and no tracer rounds.

I tried to “emulate” the flashy bits using trails, but I think I know of a different way to do this now, using lighting…

Hold on.