Incenitive to actually use monuments?

Other then bragging rights, why can’t the research table at the sat give 40%( just an example) chance of success.The refinery in the dome shipping container provide 1.5x’s or 2.0x’s fuel. These are just examples in this poorly written request. But I’d see more reason to make the trip to monuments then just building a refinery in my backyard. Or even a mining quarry instead of going to the warehouse.

This is the reason why i personally dont even try to use them.

The Oil Jack is Plain useless in the time it makes me 200 Lowgrade i killed far more animals and dont have to protect something stationary.

Since you cant build youre own oil Jacks anymore the refinery is useless.

repairbench/Researchbenches are nearly at every rad but either there is no need to use them second things is those 2 things are cheap to build so i will make myself a private one and dont bother use those at the rad where i could get killed.

The only monument that is slight useful is the Warehouse with that quarry that gives you HQM 100%.

and yeah thats it basicly.

Public oil jack is more a side reward for being able to lock down the area for so long, but maybe it could produce oil in bigger quantities without breaking the game.

Even without the oil jack, refineries are still insanely useful. You can find plenty of crude oil at several monuments that can be used in your refinery.

Agree, pretty pointless to have a repair bench at the rad town when you’ll never have enough HQM to repair that new gun you’re trying to research.

the thing is a monument should be desirable for anyone not for clans who just wall them in and use them but the thing is at the current state you just got there for the Barrels, optional Boxes and thats it.

All that I wrote is from the perspective of a player with only 1 teammate so I don’t really get how this is about clans.

If the oil jacks are going to stay at monuments and players can’t make them anymore. HQM should only be found in quarry’s at warehouses. I loved those oil jacks when you could build them.

repairbenches who build or uses these? I never use one. The more you repair items the weaker they’ll get. What’s normal and good thinking of the devs. But I throw every broken tool away and make a new one. Even weapons I don’t repair. If it’s broken, I’ll make another.

With the xp system coming, do we need the researchtable in the future?
Now I build one in my base. A few months ago you could break them down at monuments. I don’t know if you can do this now

Quarry’s: the production of these machines is “ooooohhh” so very low. You’re better with your pick axe mining rocks

weapons/tools doesnt get weaker when you repair them afaik, but you will get a lower research chance when you use them, even if they are repaired.
Repairing a broken item is half the price of making a new one, so it will allways be more economical to repair an item.

Weapons I don’t know. But tools get weaker after repairing them. And if this isn’t the case anymore, the devs changed it.

Regarding the research table I use it all the time especially when I’m new to empty my inventory of random items I find while barrel breaking. If I can get that hazmat boots BP from a 30% it saves me from wasting frags to reveal it later. You can also save bps you already know for friends

the only thing that reduces after repairing is the usage of the time, damage is not being reduces

They would be useful with weekly blue print wipes and ZOMBIES.


I dont know if i understood all rightly (im german), but I personally use the pumping jacks at rad towns very often. they are really helpful if you have your house in an area, where arnt that much animals (or with many bears and wolves, which probably kill you fast). I enjoy using that pumpjack as a solo player. For me, this is the best solution for getting fast low grade fuel (i use the refinery station at the monument, too) for my quarries, furnaces, an so on.

I like it, they way it is now. Maybe others do too?


The experience I’ve had was that it was both of them. When I raided bases and shopped with my pick axe against the weak side of the wall. I once could repair my 7 metal pick axes. And then I saw the damage they done was less and indeed they were sooner broken.
But what I’m now saying, was in the time with the snow biome. Since then I never repaired items again to see if there were any changes. So it can be different now :wink:

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Hey, nobody here says you’re doing it wrong. If your a solo player, you don’t have as much animal spawns around you, then when you’re with two or maybe more players. I’ve experienced this since I’ve played this game the most as a solo player. So try to survive your own way in the game. That’s what I think, the beauty of this game.

ow and I’m a Belgian player and my English is sometimes not as good as I want it to be. But we’re not the only ones here :wink: