Incentivizing devs to make new stuff through a Featured Server List

TL/DR: A Featured Server List can send a lot of traffic to 3-4 new servers every month. We as a community could use a featured server list to get people to try new gamemodes, or to show love to small communities with cult followings.

If you boot up gmod today and go to the default server browser, you’re greeted by a list of gamemodes sorted by player count. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but the server list being set up this way sends new players looking at the most popular gamemodes first.

Now, of course, in an ideal world your most popular gamemodes are the best, but it’s important to consider that a gamemode’s legacy also has an impact on its popularity. If a developer of an existing popular gamemode starts working on something new, it’s a huge grind to get other people to try it out.

By creating a featured server list for s&box and placing it somewhere readily visible to players when they launch the game, you can garner a lot of interest for new and interesting gamemodes, and incentivize devs to work on more new ones. I think this will be especially important along the time of the games’ launch when there’ll be the most player turnaround

It would be expensive to curate such a list and to keep abuse to a minimum, but I think it is a worthy expense.