Inception mod...

Not so much as a request as asking people what they think about it. Inception mod would be shared dreaming,there would be a suitcase where players would link themselves to, and at the press of a button the players would be transported to another place (the dream) and the “sleeping” players would be replaced by ragdols which could be jolted awake or moved around while “dreaming”. there wouldn’t however be a time dialation effect like the movie though, but you could have dreams within dreams. what do you coders think?

(box box box lol)

Could be a little cool if shaking the ragdoll would shake the entire dream world, but imo it’s not worth the effort.

This sounds REALLY hard for something you could get out of Durgz mod abuse. You’re talking about generating a dynamic environment (made of props, map parts, entities, what have you), and then controlling it using ragdoll movement. Not only is this stressful (think of everything moving around), but it’s a hell of a lot of code to write. Agreed with the top post, sounds cool, but not worth the effort.

i dont want that effect either… i never suggested it. only waking up.

Phasing can be used for the dual effect of awake and dream, just like the World of Warcraft DeathKnight beginning quests. If it can be done in an emulator on a weak engine the it should be able to be done in gmod, it depends on the source though mostly and if it has the codes to make it happen.

In phasing you lave “layered” instances of the map, You hit a triggering effect, in this case “sleep” and you transition to a "dream " layer of the map, its the same map but you see it in a faded color, maybe with motion blur, and no one else can see you who isnt asleep. The awake players see your ragdoll only. If someone shakes your ragdoll your screen can shake or a message pops up telling you someone is waking you, maybe a timer until awake also. Sounds like a pain in the ass to code up but may be really cool if it can be pulled off.

I dont think you can phase in Gmod. You would have to create separate areas in maps, and having a large enough map for something like this could get hairy.