Incident on the street

This is my first experience with explosions

It all just seems pretty random.

Who cares?:smugspike:

the real question is how the hell did louis and nick blow up several cars while walking away, with no visible meens of the cause of the explosion…
oh wait, they’re awesome, thats why

i’d give this a solid 9/10

The posing needs a lot of work, it’s very unrealistic and stiff. I think the worst thing with this picture is the explosions, they’re incredibly low-resolution and unfitting. The glows around them are also messed up, there’s a thick line instead of it spreading. Also, don’t use a soft brush when removing edges like that, it looks absolutely positively horrifically terrible.

They’re not turning around to look at the explosion!!

What a badass.

Dude, IRL generally, when behind man something explodes, blast wave knocked him down. It’s badass style. See more action films :jihad:
And yeah

This is blur, not low-resolution

same :slight_smile:

I might be mistaken, but bloom seem a bit excessive. Nevertheless. This is pretty nice work.

And this is a general rule. Bad asses do not pay attention to the havoc they create.

Wha- I just gave you some C&C, you just can’t wave it of like that. My points are valid, and yours are not.

okokok :3

No in real life the shrapnel/shock wave would kill them.
Explosions look pretty bad and the posing isn’t too great, but overall its an all right shot.