Incinerate Plasmid

Here it is!

Someones annoying you? You just can’t kill that Big Daddy? You just can’t get that Alyx/Kleiner sex-pose right?! ** Light them up! **

Don’t know if it works in multiplayer.

Please Report any Bugs!

Known Bugs:

You can put fire underwater — Can’t fix that, since WaterLevel() is broken D: Sorry guys, we have to wait for the update.

** Nevermind, next version will include original model We found a Modeler (Squint) Hurray! **

Note: This is the first thing I’ve ever done with lua, so be gentle :smiley: I’m sure the code is very messy and I probably don’t need some stuff, if so, tell me I’m still learning. I know the script is very simple but don’t tell me, tell 2K boston.

Oh and, the SWEP uses a Dark Messiah Model. So if you download and don’t have the game, the FBI will come and bust your ass!

Oh fuck almost forgot:

Credits for the current model goes to EvilDead!

No they won’t. But will I have a lua error?

No. The model comes with the File.

If you don´t have Dark Messiah, and you do get an error, please change the model! This looks so much better than the last Incinerate Plasmid that was released! I need this SWEP! Do you want to know why? Because my Alyx and Kleiner ragdolls just won´t look like they´re having sex!

EDIT: Sorry, I started writing this before you said that you get the model. Forget what you just read.

Hey, looks cool, shame you don’t have the injection animation :frowning:

As I said, we still search for an animator :frowning:

Looks awesome :v:

Great! Downloading.

Needs more “Gordon’s hand” on the view model in my opinion.

<3 Gamma Goblins.

I like the fire trap thing you’ve got going on there, it’s a shame there isn’t any minor spreading of the fire, though. Other than that, very well done.

Haha awesome :D.

As I said: The Final Version will have The BioShock Model!

Nice awesome!

Cool next project plasmid of yours after this should either be the electric plasmid or telekenis one. And i wonder will you make all versions of the incinerate plasmid or only one?

Can’t get it, don’t have Dark Messiah :emo:

I going to try to make everyone. Next one will probably Winter Blast.

Good choice.

I’m interested to see how that winter blast one is going to turn out, looking forward to it :wink:

I’m pretty sure he said the model comes with the file, no matter what.

[offtopic]what’s the song?[/offtopic]

Gamma Goblins, by Infected Mushroom ( unless I’m mistaken ).