Include and update the Rust Mindmap by Garry

Hey there fellow Rust enthusiasts,

I really like that there is a mindmap with all the features Facepunch is trying to/might add to Rust but I’ve a few questions about it!

  • Is the mindmap up to date?
  • If not, could you update it on a weekly basis and include it in your Devblogs?
  • Is there any way to stick the mindmap somewhere at the top of a suggestion page because I see alot of things on the mindmap being re-suggested.
  • Is there any way the Mindmap can be shown before making suggestions on Reddit because loads of re-suggestions there.

For the people who don’t know or haven’t seen the mindmap I’m talking about, here you go!

Kind regards,

That dude that is horrible with guns.

I didn’t even know of this! So thanks for sharing
Now, except for reddit, what IS the right place to post ideas and suggestions?

I don’t think there is one true “right place”, but the Dev’s do read these posts on their forum and the ones on Reddit, what I was trying to say is that before someone posts a suggestion anywhere it would be nice if they got refered to the mindmap first so they won’t make suggestions that is already on the to do list.

yeah, I got that, it’s a good idea. Just thought maybe I was overlooking something because you said “… at the top of a suggestion page” which sounded like there was an official place for just that

The mindmap is months out of date and is not being actively updated.

BTW, before anyone gets confused, I’m not a Rust dev; devs have light blue names.

What are you trying to say here ?

Sometimes people who don’t know how the forum works see my gold name and larger avatar and assume I’m a Rust dev. Given that I said something that could’ve been interpreted to sound like an official statement from the Rust devs, I decided to make it clear.

Mods are green, FP dev staff/admin are light blue, normal users are dark blue, Gold Members are basically regular users with access to a few subforum not worth caring about, and banned users are red. People who’ve never seen an admin or mod post have confused Golds with either group.

I’m colourblind anyway.

the other way to figure it out is to piss them off. if they ban you, they are a mod or a dev;)

Thanks, might try this. Will they be mad if I tell them that Garry should fucking answer more questions on ask fucking fm?

Yes, poor grammar is always a good start for that.