"Include" does not work

Including base scripts does not work. When I enter a script ID and press the button, I get a blank page.
Happens Opera, IE9 and Firefox.
Is there going to be a fix for it or another way to force download another script?
Also, the page loads extremely slow :v:

Gabe ate toybox’s uploading process. It’ll be “out” (and fixed) in a little while. (a day - a week depending on if garry even notices)

It still does not work.
THIS IS GOD DAMN ANNOYING. I put an entity back in workshop mode, changed its code so it works when the base scripts are loaded, AND WHAT DO I FIND IN THE ERROR LIST? PEOPLE ARE STILL ABLE TO DOWNLOAD IT?

god damnit

I remember garry saying that he disabled it on purpose because it needed some fixing.