Included files don't seem to update correctly, problem with unlisted scripts.

A few other people and I are using a script I created in our other toybox scripts for some utilities, like warning players if they have a conflicting addon and other notifications. However, I find that when I update that script, all the entities and weapons that are using it are using old versions. Re-including the script seems to update it for that weapon/entity, but this is less than ideal when the script could be updated at any time. Having literally five people update 25 scripts whenever I spot a typo or a bug or have new code to add is more than a little hassle, and was the reason we chose to use inclusion instead of just copy/pasting the code. I don’t know if using the revision the script was on when it was included is to prevent breaking something with newer revisions, but if that’s the case I’d like to ask for a checkbox for an option to keep included scripts up-to-date.

Oh, and unlisted scripts still show up with the search function.

And they will be shown up even here

I can fix this.

Thank you.