Included lua's are not working


I’m not sure what happened. I tried to install a MOTD script, whinch is actually works perfectly on sandbox, and I tried the same with my TTT server, before i release it to VortexRP. However, after installing, it’s shaked up some features, so I decided to delete it. After that, on restart, EVERYTHING got ****-ed up. I mean, it’s spammed ERRORS like this:

[ERROR] lua/includes/notification.lua:168: attempt to index field 'Label' (a nil value)

And like, 10-12 Sub-Errors.
Also, every lua inside “lua/included/” were looking like, every function has lost. Tried resetting that folder, without any succes. It’s on a dedicated server.
Anyone, any idea?

Sometimes another file somewhere in a server tree mucks up another one for no reason.
Try either removing some folders and letting them be replaced or reinstalling.

Reinstall sever?

Looks like a pretty serious internal error, I would say yes.