Including entities in a custom gamemode

How to you include an entity in a gamemode. I can create pre defined entities but i can’t include custom ones, for example something from How do i do this, any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

AddCSLuaFile( String FileName )?

Put the entity folder in garrysmod/gamemodes/<yourgamemode>/entities/entities/

Damn, im dumb…

after i put them in the folder, do i need to include them or … ?

when i use the command, ents.Create(“what do i put here?”)


so do i put the lua, materials, models, scripts, sound folders inside the entity folder, or do i leave them in the content folder and the only files in the entity folder are the init.lua, cl_init.lua and shared.lua ?

and i create it with ents.Create(“entityfoldername”) ?

You put the lua and scripts in gamemode/name/entities/entitites

Materials, models and sound in gamemode/name/content.

init.lua, cl_init.lua and shared.lua should all be in the “gamemode” folder.
So your folder should look like this:



    sounds -- sound files go here
    materials -- material files go here
    maps -- maps go here
    models -- and models go here


entities - your entities should go in here with their own folder
weapons - same thing here but with weapons

gamemode -------- pretty much all of your gamemode files go here


so these should be here for a basic gamemode

hope that wasn’t too hard to understand?
tried to explain it as simple as possible.

and yes, I believe you’d create it using the entity’s folder name.

i meant the init cl_inti and shared of the entity but thanks anyway :P. I can get it to spawn but its throwing up an error in the actuall entity script, im gonna mess with it. Thanks for the help everyone.