"Incoming connection from (IP here) was rejected due to incompatible uLink version"

Having this showing up in my console log every once in a while, its been from a different IP every time. There have been people that have succesffuly joined the server, I just don’t get why this is happening. Are these actual people trying to join and getting denied? I have my server listed on a couple websites.

They are using a pirate version of Rust , that’s why the connection is rejected

It’s one method of DDOS attacking, are you getting spammed by a ton of them and getting slow down/lag/crashes?

Or if it’s just one or two it’s just a pirated version maybe?

Oh wow, good to know. It’s happening once every couple of minutes…it doesn’t seem to be affecting performance though.

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I just got this one too: “[Oxide] Denying entry to client with invalid protocol version (IP Here)”