"Incoming enemy armor!"



(they are fighting on a Christmas Display, that is why the non plastic props are not moving)

Playing both of those videos at the same time is a really nice effect for this.
Kudos mon’

Im glad somebody did :smiley:

Nice as always, i’m diggin’ that posing. Choice of sound are also spot on.

Thanks mate! :dance:

I love your Army Men poses. Brings back memories of my childhood playing with the toys and the games.

the idea with the christmas display and all that


Thanks man! Sarge’s Heroes was the game of my childhood.

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thanks :v:

The last Army Men game I played that I really liked was Sarge’s War. I like how they made it look dark and realistic, although I wasn’t fan of them using metal weapons rather than the classic plastic ones. The “Army Men” games after that are insults to the series.

I really hope someday somebody finally digs up the series and makes something of it. But hey at least we have that indie game that’s coming April 30th.

List of Army Men games I’ve played:
Army Men(PC and PS1 version called Army Men 3D, isn’t as good as the PC)
Army Men 2(Probably the best out of the entire series)
Army Men Toys in Space
Army Men Air Attack 1 and 2
Army Men Air Tacitcs
Army Men Advanced
Army Men Sarge’s Heroes
Army Men Sarge’s Heroes 2
Army Men World War(PC and PS1 versions)
Army Men World War Sea, Air, and Land
Army Men World War Final Front(Jesus christ this one was FUCKING Hard, I only rented it, never completed it)
Army Men World War Team Assault(This one would’ve been better if they made it so you could play the SP campaign in co-op)
Army Men Green Rogue(PS1 and PS2 versions)
Army Men RTS(Rented it)
Army Men Sarge’s War
Army Men Major Malfuction(Unfortunately)

Oh my god I remember all those! holy fuck :v:

Fuck Final Front.

Never played the PC ones online because I could never figure out how to get them to work and now the sites that ran their MP are dead. I never really knew the games had a following since the later ones didn’t do so well. So many memories of me playing those games, they were literally the first video games I’ve ever played.

My fav was toys in space

I enjoyed that one too, I think that’s when they started to go more for the comical and satirical theme that most of the later games had until Sarge’s War.

army men 2 was best

that one city map, zombies everywhere



It’s a real shame what the series turned into after Sarge’s War with Major Malfuction and Soldiers of Misfortune(Thank god I never played this one). Now I see little chance of the series ever getting a reboot unless the company that currently owns the rights(2K Play)Games for it gets really desperate for money.

I’m surprised that the entire series hasn’t been made F2P really. It’s not like they can make any real money off of them anymore. I got all the PC games beside Army Men RTS by getting the Warchest that also came with badly ported versions of Air Attack 1 and the original Sarge Heroes.

What model is the T90?

Garrysmod.org is your friend homie.

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Nice. Wonderful concept and execution.

That is simply amazing. I wish i could pose like that.