Incoming update for PhoeniX-Storms Pack

Hello there!
It’s since 2006 I haven’t posted a thread and it’s nice to be here again.
What I’m bringing to you are some fresh screenshots from the incoming update for PHX model pack

Included Features:
-Improving models
-Improving Textures/Skins using latest Source Engine shaders like Phong, Rimlight etc…
-Remaking textures to look like the pre-steam PHX pack (those were copyrighted that’s why I replaced them)
-Adding LODs to models with over 1000 polygons to improve performance and reduce lag.
-Reducing some collision models that are unneccesary in the actual resolution
-Remaking Track Trains to be less laggy
-Adding custom physics sounds and explosions sounds (see videos below)
-Compressing and optimizing textures to make them use less Video memory.
-Adding fallback parameters to materials to make them rendered on older or integrated video cards such us Intel.
-Remodeling some crapy looking models such as XMQ (I’m sorry to say this, but they need to be 100% redone.

Some screenshoots:

NOTE: Some textures may look Ultra-High-Resolution. Well, they are not. I use DETAIL shader parameter to make them look like that :wink:


New Skin and Physics sounds

New Explosion sounds that plays on distance.

Hope you enjoyed them.

Have a nice day to everyone and please, I need creative comments and critics. Also suggestions would be nice :wink:
Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is definitely better than what we had before. Model LODs and simplified collision models have been wanted for a long time. Not being very observant (sorry!), my only criticism is that the metal sounds on the explosive ball sound excessively muffled in the distance rather than quieted. It looks like you’ve put a lot of work into this. Thank you very much for the update, and welcome back!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Also the metal sound is muffled on distance… but playing with it in-game is definitly more fun than just watching the video. Also Youtube ruined the sound quality on both videos… so you just have to try it :wink:
Otherwise if people will not like it I can always fix it in next update :wink:


Oh so pretty, Well done Phoenix and the rest of your development team. Everything looks amazing and the level of detail put into each prop and its texture is simply stunning. I love it

Damn it I just deleted it :<

Sweet work, Phoenix. PHX is practically a must on my server, and from the look of your latest screens, the community’s about to get another serious dose of quality.

Cannot wait!

While you are at it, gentler slopes and actual turns for the monorail please. The train won’t stay on at least half the time with the current ones.
Is that really ingame? Please say yes.

Beautiful stuff there.

Not a fan of the sound effects.

A dull clank doesn’t really fit for the explosive ball and the long range sound effects for the WWII bomb don’t sound very full and robust.

source has colour shaders right? they would realy help with this pack

Everything looks nice and shiny, as these build props should be. Although I won’t be effected by the fallback shaders and LODs, that is a nice user friendly update.The new explosion sounds are nice as well.

just a ide i got: maybe there could be flexibel / elastic props …

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oh and this will sound stupid …will this be in a SVN or will it be in gmod directly

Wow that looks really good

I can maybe try that!
Update will be directly

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Yes :wink:

ultra awsome

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hmmm i also got an ide :maybe if it works you could add car props or small ships


Would I be right to assume that all the categories are going to be revised when this update is released?

Haha wow, I love what you’ve done with the explosive sounds PhoeniX. Hopefully if you’re shipping these with GMod, mine and Balto’s little explosives pack can get some sexy aural loving too :v: