And here’s the original one

I don’t get it, why are they running from something that’s behind them?

A jar of milk. Scary.

awkward angle, but I get it: a huge-as-hell Jarate falling towards them, though I think it should be yellow, not white


That’s pee

Or it cold be a play on the term “incoming”, and it’s actually…

Wait, where would Sniper get that much…?!

Too much coffee?

Since when does coffee make your sperm count go up…?

Good question…


To put it bluntly…

I was joking that the Sniper filled a giant jar full of cum.

put it in the skybox instead…
you know, the map… outside the map you play on… someone could say it better

You do realize that i did put jarate in the skybox.

Nice Perception fuckery.

then you fucked it up big time