This is a gamemode that was in it’s development before the ‘owner’ rage quit.
This is not a gamemode steal, I made this all by myself and pyro made the models.

If you ever played Avalanche, this is pretty much the same thing but with custom props and some hud and 3 maps.

Ghast wanted me to code this ‘better’ than Avalanche and I did cuz I was bored. Idc.

This will not be continued on, it’s fully working and playable so download this if you want it, I don’t really care.


Chewgum - Coding
Kevin!(Kevincon) - For being cool.
Pyromaniac - Models/Props.
Ghast - Being a dumb rage quitter and faggot and theese shitty maps.

He made 4 maps. One of them failed so absolutely horribly. It didn’t even work.

Chew, you should’ve included that for laughs.

Haha I helped.


Someone make this work for Fretta, Chewgum didn’t wanna waste his time, which makes sense…


Screenshots please?

lol, I just realized I have never took any pics, Ive recorded some video tho. :3

I didn’t work on it at all, its just a bunch of clips strung together with some music. :confused:

Sorry for lag as the server was running on chewgums PC in Sweden lololol.

its like 24MB, so sorry for whoever wants to download it from this shitty hosting website:

Download here

Heres a pic of the video lol:

Looks pretty bloody awesome.

It’s pretty fun.

Good work this looks really good

I have set up a test server 4 slots it will be up most of the time and i will leave it up for about 3 days unless it becomes really popular


At least I received my well sought after credit.

How did you manage to abandon such a simple project?

Teach me your ways.


Nice release chew, how it wasn’t released by them in… 1 day I’ll never know :wink:

haha nice work.

=O the colors… i want to touch dem

Mine was never meant to be a release.

I figured a gamemode that had such a small target players wouldn’t catch much popularity.

Releasing it would probably doom it to having around 5 or 6 empty servers with one or two players at most on any of them.

Ghast never gave me his damn map he made so much of a fuss over, it probably has to do with him living in another timezone than me and also me not being around for a few days after we made the thread due to other stuff in life.

Hehe, makes more sense :stuck_out_tongue:

This is like a very boring version of deathrun, with only one team…

I’ve played this gamemode and everytime i get to the top there is a floating ring. I was wondering how do you win? Do you just go back down or what?

Yeah, you cant seem to win.

Also, its as hard as hell getting up.

Speed hacking is the key