That’s some wierd gunposing, better if they would hold the barrel and the blood could be more dark, also tracers everywere, you should not use them. On the other hand the lighting is sweet and the posing is solid. I like this picture good effort.

noofa hold the barrel are you kidding?

I, too, enjoy third-degree burns

Noofas english isn’t the best, and you guys know that. I’m pretty darn positive that he doesn’t mean the barrel itself.

And yes, the gunposing is very weird.

Well, holding the barrel seems more reasonable than holding the scope… or more reasonable than fingering your gun…

Hahaha no trust me, you do not ever want to hold anything by the barrel

I can’t help myself but think of the soldiers as of mages. The muzzleflashes just remind me of magic wands :~

The blood could also use some improvement.

But hey at least the pose is dynamic