Incompatible Version After doing a server update

Did a server update via steamcmd like i do every update. But after doing this one i can no longer get to my server. Validated it and also checked my game. Any one else have a issue with this?

Yes this often happens when an update is released for the server that is incompatible with the client version of the game. Happened a lot in the very early days of the Experimental files being released but has settled down somewhat, however I still get it on occasions.

Sometimes there is a bit of a delay between when the server updates are released and then the associated compatible update is released for the game in Steam.

All you can do is wait for Steam to detect/download the update. I have found this can take anywhere from 30 mins up to a few hours in some cases. Other than that you can wait a bit before updating the server so it is more likely that the update for the game client will also be released.

I’m getting the same thing. Server is version 1157 and client is 1156. SteamCMD reports both up to date.