Incompatible version when trying to join home based server

Hi all.

I had set up a rust server a long time ago and have come back to check on its progress in game.

The server starts and runs fine. It says on the top of the CMD/DOS window v1452. now I know that the clients brand says win /1199/0dev.

When I go to join the server from the client I get “disconnected : Incompatible Version” This is joining through F1.

Rust is up to date in the client and have updated through steamCMD and I had this error before the update today.

So if anyone has an idea of how I can make them compatible please let me know.

Thanks for all your suggestions

PS Just noticed that in the server DOS window this line: Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 252490
This is not the app ID the I updated through SteamCMD but one i got from another post on this forum???

That server build is months old, so you need to update it properly. If you are putting “-beta experimental” in your SteamCMD command, take it out entirely, it’s no longer experimental, it’s the default.

If that doesn’t work, post the SteamCMD command you’re using.

Hi yer was just looking for that post. This is what I am using

app_update 258550

Thanks for the quick reply

Is it going in the right folder?

Also, I’d advise using this, and, as kulan says, stop before the “install Oxide” part:

If you’re still having a version problem, make a new folder and install there in case there’s a problem with overwriting.

cool thanks… Have looked at that and have made a new .bat file before posting. Will try the the fresh install from steamCMD.

Do you know if the V1452 is the currant server build?

It’s at least four months old, man. The latest stable server build will be 1190.

Ok so I just looked in a number of steam_appid.txt files and they all say “252490”

Am I using the wrong appid

That’s what should be there. It’s Rust.

Yer I think it should be 258550 is the dedicated appid. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Have just downloaded a fresh copy will give it a go and let you know thanks\

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OK that seems to have worked. Server is reachable in server list. Fist attempt fail but second attemp to connect worked. Looks like a fresh download work with appid 258550.

Thanks agin for all your help mate, happy rusting