IncompatibleVersions error (mac ip connect)

I’m playing Rust on mac, as recently patched as possible. There are very few servers on my server list and my “friends” server list is empty despite having friends playing the game (on PC). I attempted to connect to their server via IP and when I tried to connect (net.connect “IP”), it would try and load up and then I would get the error “IncompatibleVersions”. Any idea, either for a way for me to connect to their server or how I can fix my server list? Thanks!

sounds like you have a strict router configuration.

You need to make sure your router has all necessary open ports for steam and rust (google it)

Additionally, the IncompatibleVersions means you need to look at whether or not you are in the beta branch for rust (the development version, its an option you turn on/off in steam)

It would seem the server you are trying to connect is using an either older or newer version than what you have

Thanks, this is really helpful. I’ll come back and letcha know if this works.