Incomplete Cover Mod

I have no intention in finishing this. Its intended to be a cover system similar to rainbow 6 vegas.
It works as is I encourage anyone to pick it up and play with it and finish it.
bind something to +alt1

Flame if you wish about sloppy codding or doing it wrong. I made it in a hour during a boring lecture and decided to do it completely different for my gamemode. instead of throwing it away i give it to you guys to use as you please. I hope to see someone make something epic or at least learn something from this.


For those who idint ply the game. What is that? “Covermode.”

It’s like, snapping to cover, gears of war style. Against a wall or such.

Ah I see. Like the on in Killzone 2?

Dont know if killzone 2 had a cover system but its quite common among shooters now.

I always hate cover systems, because they normally feel quite restrictive.

This seems pretty epic.

What else you got planned?

Yes, Killzone 2 does have a cover system. I love it.

Back to business: This seems pretty good. Keep it up.

Someone definitely has to finish this thing, it sound incredible! :slight_smile:

Someone please explain a cover system.

I’ve just tried this out, and with a bit of work it could turn out to be quite decent.

For those who don’t know what a cover system is it’s this. Example from Rainbow 6 Vegas:

Look at 0:26

Any chance of this ever getting finished? Right now it snaps me to walls and such, but the player is just regularly standing there, clipping my camera =/

Either way,

for you.

I used to hate cover systems.
Its a great way to recover your health, but with games like this where you can’t regenerate, its a bit of a loss.

You do know he has left GMod and Facepunch… Right?

Make a health regen system like i did :3:

So weird, I’ve been working on something like this. Can’t believe I didn’t see this thread.

Just look up health on, several customizable regen scripts there.

I saw a cover system that looked cool but then it was made by someone that used to make a lot of good stuff but felt that she (or he) was not given enough credit and made the cover system into an addon that just made an annoying sound. But I do hope they keep making things, just not things that make the game nearly unplayable.

This thread is almost 2 years old.

The reason you had the urge to post for no reason makes you LOOK 2 years old.