Incomplete server list?

Hey guys,

I seem to be suffering from a incomplete in game server list.

For example I only see 7-8 official servers, none of which are American.

Ideally I am trying to find a populated East Coast USA modded server, but they simply do not show up in my server list.

Any advice or fixes? I’m getting nowhere googling servers.

As a final question: how many official servers should show up?


I have tried all sorts to fix this.

From firewall reconfiguration, rate limiting within the steam client, setting location within steam, using the dev branch of Rust…


ya i cant get my main EC1 , its droped off the face of the earth, others cant see it…

Pretty frustrating.

I need to try a US VPN and see if they are just using GeoIP to determine what servers to display to the client.

Anyone aware of a super cheap US VPN we can try?