Incomplete server list

I get the feeling this question gets asked with fair regularity… Well, sans digging through a crap ton of pages for a problem that’s difficult to search for… I’ll give asking for help, maybe someone else has had the same problem. Be it in the past or currently.

From what I’ve been told, there are more than 280 Garry’s mod servers, of only 7 don’t have zero population.

-No, it’s not my firewall, I get the same thing with it on or off.
-Yes, I deleted the clientregistry.blob.
-Yes, I lowered my connection speed in settings to 56k.

Those seem to be the usual answers on a rudimentary Google search… And I must say that every one has been quite antiquated.

None of these changed anything. Any suggestions? I’d really hate to have to use GameTracker to seek out new servers 'cause my in-game server list is a little over 10% of what’s actually out there…

Its because lots of the servers arent updated.

And the update tool is broken as you cannot update your server.

I kinda had a feeling that might be the issue, but I recall having a similar problem like this NOT during an update. Guess I’ll give it a few days.

I have the same problem. I think it’s steam that’s being problematic.