Incorporating CM13 features into Garrysmod?

I was just redownloading the CM13 mod again so I could finally finish my recent playthrough of Episode 2-- then I saw on the forums that they released the source (ha, get it?) code of the entire project.

Do you think it would be viable, if not possible, to incorporate some of the improvements that the cinematic mod brought in terms of graphical effects such as shadows and occlusion?

Possible, but they won’t look very good without extreme mapping to set up how shadows and dynamic lights are controlled. I think Source 2 will look even better than that.

Ah, yes, you’ve reminded me that Source 2 is on the brink of release. I can see why the extra work wouldn’t want to be put into Source 1 when Source 2 is already so close.

You can still use the maps, they still look a lot better, the first map where you need to “pick up that can” use a mirror with some kind of overlay over it as the ground of the train station, and damn is looks good.