Incorrect Bones

I have a trace. It hits an npc_citizen. I take the traceres.PhysicsBone integer from the trace results.

I then take that very same integer and run it through GetBoneName() and GetBonePosition() to check what bone it is.

It’s the wrong one.

I hit an NPC in the head and it returns the right bicep.

I hit an NPC in the left shin and it returns the left hand.

I hit an NPC in the left hand and it returns the neck.

I hit an NPC in the left bicep and it returns the lower spine.

How am I supposed to work with this? It doesn’t say anything about this in the wiki… can it be fixed?

I don’t even know why I bother with this site.

Did you expect someone to have a magical fix? If someone had the same problem, they would most likely help you, but it seems you’re the only one currently with this problem.

Also, pretty sure double posting wasn’t necessary, there’s an edit button.